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TeamCity email notification test

Author TeamCity@domU-12-31-39-00-7C-94.localdomain
Full name TeamCity@domU-12-31-39-00-7C-94.localdomain
Date 2009-03-31 15:42:47 PDT
Message This is a test message requested by TeamCity Admin at 31 Mar 18:42 on TeamCity server at

Congratulations! Your email notifications sending settings are configured properly!

Settings used to send this message:

SMTP host: localhost
SMTP port: 25
Send email messages from: TeamCity
Use account:

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TeamCity email notification test TeamCity@domU-12-31-39-00-7C-94.localdomain TeamCity@domU-12-31-39-00-7C-94.localdomain 2009-03-31 15:42:47 PDT
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