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Threading the checks

Author wsnyder
Full name Wilson Snyder
Date 2008-09-28 06:52:24 PDT
Message Hello, I'm a recent adopter of Perl Critic; thanks for the
great work!

The only downside I've seen (and you're well aware of) is
that the critic tests are slow. For my modules they take
longer than my other tests combined, so I unfortunately
don't run them every time I test.

I'm fortunate however in that my main development machine
has 8 cores.

So, I was wondering has anyone looked at using perl threads
(when installed) underneath the all_critic_ok() call? It
seems straight forward to process every module in parallel.



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Threading the checks wsnyder Wilson Snyder 2008-09-28 06:52:24 PDT
     Re: Threading the checks Elliot Shank <perl at galumph dot com> Elliot Shank <perl at galumph dot com> 2008-09-28 07:17:03 PDT
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