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Crowd Funding for Pinto

Author thaljef
Full name Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer
Date 2013-04-11 17:03:41 PDT
Message Hi y'all-

brian d foy has been experimenting with crowd-funding for open source projects, so I approached him about running a campaign for Pinto. I made a short video and we launched the campaign on Crowdtilt (which happens to be Perl shop). I'd really appreciate if you could help spread the word! Contributions are good too :)

Here's brian's announcement: http://tinyurl.com/d989jys
And here is the campaign home page: http://tinyurl.com/gopinto

Pinto is a powerful application for creating and managing custom repositories of Perl modules. You can use any combination of CPAN modules and private modules. And the repository works seamlessly with installer clients like cpan and cpanm.

When you build up your system from a Pinto repository, you'll get exactly the modules you want and the versions you want -- every time. Pinto also has some novel tools for helping you manage and track upgrades to your dependencie.

The funds from the campaign will be used to enhance Pinto to fetch specific versions of CPAN modules (without you having to know which distribution they came from). That will make is easy to build up a repository that contains all the modules needed for your legacy environment.

Aside from just supporting a really cool project, I think this campaign is an exciting experiment to prove whether crowd funding can be an effective tool for financing larger efforts in the Perl community.



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Crowd Funding for Pinto thaljef Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer 2013-04-11 17:03:41 PDT
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