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Discouraged use of perlcritic-checker.pl

Author jonasbn
Full name Jonas B. Nielsen
Date 2010-06-09 07:11:05 PDT
Message Hello,

I fell over the following tweet.


I understand Elliot's points and I do agree to some extent, but I think it is a bit one-sided. We have just had a presentation at a local Perl monger meeting where a local business presented there use of Perl::Critic integrated with their git solution - and this seemed to workout fairly well.

So I think some more debacle on the topic of using Perl::Critic with VCS pre-commit hooks is necessary, before eliminating this use as bad practice. So let me try to play the devils advocate here...

I think it is a tough balance to find out how much constraint you should put on the ability and ease of committing code to a repository.

But if you read the docs on Alexanders contribution, it actually opens up for ease of you in the case that Elliot is describing:

# Emergency commits: {0|1}. There are situations when you *do* need
# to commit changes bypassing all checks (e.g. emergency bug fixes).
# This featue allows you bypass Perl::Critic using “magic” prefix in
# comment message, e.g.: svn ci -m “NO CRITIC: I am in hurry” FooBar.pm
allow_emergency_commits => 1,

# Magic prefix described above can be customized:
emergency_comment_prefix => ‘NO CRITIC’,

And if I am not totally mistaken:

## no critic (RegularExpressions:​:ProhibitEscapedMeta​characters)

Should also do the job.

Enough with the details.

I think it is important to understand why static analysis is a good tool and what role it plays.

I often regard my ## no critic as TODO points, points to be revisited. And to me it is all about technical debt.

Perl::Critic helps us:

- writing maintainable code
- pin-pointing possible bugs or issues

So a quick fix circumventing the policies is introducing technical debt, breaking windows as it goes a long, so to speak.

So I need stronger arguments or war stories before discouraging the use of Perl::Critic based pre-commit hooks.



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