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Author Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeffrey_thalhammer@yahoo.com>
Full name Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeffrey_thalhammer@yahoo.com>
Date 2007-01-24 20:27:52 PST
Message > How about a printable version, say appended below.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Like a link to a
separate page that just lists the violations? Or a
page that shows all the violations and code in a
single flat view?

If you're making serious use of Perl::Critic, I would
suggest installing it in your environment and using
the tools directly.


> Can you also write a module that will correct all
> the problems that the critic finds? ;-)

That's a pretty tall order. I proposed the idea on
perlmonks.org once. More than one person felt
uncomfortable with idea of using tools that
automatically modified their code.

Personally, I believe that code generation is an
inevitable (and invaluable) tool for complex systems.
But right now, most of our effort is focused on simply
finding the problems.

But you're welcome to join the Perl::Critic project
and propose a framework for code correction!



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